Copperfield’s Restaurant in Sliema

A signature scene of The Victoria Hotel that revels in a fresh and bright new look full of natural lighting, new aquamarine colour palette scheme and subtle floral patterns.

Refinement and self-indulgence define the character of the restaurant’s setting, throwing you back in time of the eloquent XIX century and giving you the experience of a true Mediterranean food journey.

Restaurant Capacities:

Seated: 120 persons  Standing: 300 persons

Breakfast at The Copperfield’s – The best way to start your day!

Besides an inviting aroma of Douwe Egberts Coffee served at The Victoria Hotel breakfast, many smiling faces of the breakfast staff will greet you at the doorstep of The Copperfield’s Restaurant. Meet Charles, our dedicated restaurant manager, who even in the earliest mornings will infect you with his enthusiasm and will assist you with any dietary requirements whether you are lactose-intolerant, looking for healthier alternatives or gluten-free options.

The Victoria Hotel breakfast buffet has everything you may need to start your morning off right. Besides a variety of breads, English breakfast favourites including grilled bacon, Cumberland sausages, sauté mushrooms, the famous hash browns and scrambled eggs, you can also order an omelette with your choice of ingredients from the live cooking area with chefs always at hand and ready to assist.

The cold buffet fans will find a nice choice of hams, salami, cheeses and a variety of natural and combined salads.  For a lighter option a choice of cereals including wholegrain Weetabix that can be topped with some honey, cherry, strawberry or rose apricot jams or ‘soaked’ in a selection of yoghurts including pineapple, strawberry, raspberry and peach flavours. Mix in delicious raisins, dry bananas or seeds and you have yourself a perfectly healthy and delicious morning meal. And don’t forget to try The Copperfield’s Danish pastries and homemade cakes to leave a sweet aftertaste of that last delicious bite.

Start your morning in bright and happy surroundings with The Copperfield’s pastel green colours of flowery and birdy wallpaper resembling a beautiful spring morning. Golden frame mirrors reflect on the Victorian elegance while calm flowing music gives you a perfect background to your morning ritual whether it’s a first morning chat, news overlook or a new chapter of the book.


Operating hours

Breakfast  7:00 – 10:00

Sunday Buffet Lunch at The Copperfield’s

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content” – this is The Copperfield’s Sunday Lunch motto.  Sunday family tradition to come together for a splendid lunch meal during the cold winter months is as lively as ever and invites you to enjoy a splendid buffet menu The Copperfield’s has to offer.

Start with Antipasto Buffet and its selection of natural and compound salads including Mediterranean seafood and shellfish and move to the variety of food stations including The Hot Pot, Pasta Station, Carving Joint and a selection of Hot Dishes like pepper crusted salmon steaks topped with lime wedges or pork steak sautéed with cherry tomatoes and fried Parma ham. Every family member will find something to fit their taste.

Of course, with your coffees and teas, don’t miss our sweet haven – the Dessert Buffet with a delicious combination of gateaux, flans mousses and fresh fruit cuts.

Besides all that, enjoy the free flow of wines, beers, mineral water and soft drinks.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday Buffet Lunch menus:

» Sunday Buffet Lunch Sample Menu

» Wine menu

Operating hours

Lunch 13:00 – 15:00 (Winter Sundays Only)

Afternoon Tea – high class service in Sliema

Ritual that originated within British aristocracy of early 19th century is still alive in the modern standard for those who seek high class service and wish to enhance their private social event with tiers of classic tea sandwiches, scones and delicious pastries and cakes.

It can be your grand affair celebrated with your family and friends and complete with Victorian style décor, excellent service and splendid cups of tea or a glass of champagne.

Packages start from €12 per person.

For more information contact our Events Team on:

T: 2262 3203/04 or E:

Operating hours

Dinner Buffets at The Copperfield’s

Indulge in the tastes of different cultures coming from neighbouring Spain, Italy, Sicily and France and explore the best flavours of the Maltese Islands. Reserve your private dining area if in the mood for an intimate evening or enjoy an interactive experience with the finest restaurant’s chefs.

From a variety of theme buffet nights to a splendid carvery on Saturdays, from crab croquettes, quiches and empanadas to roasted chuck eye beef covered in traditional Yorkshire pudding – what are you in for tonight?


» Spanish & French (Monday)

» Italian & Sicilian (Tuesday)

» Maltese (Thursday)

» Carvery (Saturday)

Operating hours

Dinner 18:30 – 21:30

Promotions at The Copperfield’s:

  • Sunday Lunch Buffet is Back!
  • Italian and Sicilian food night
  • French and Spanish Night
  • Saturday Carvery Night
  • Maltese Night

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