A Tavola Pizza e Pasta

I Never Met a Pizza Like You Before

A Tavola’s surroundings flourish in the soft honey shades of the traditional Maltese architecture, making it a beautiful terrace restaurant in Sliema that is situated in Alexandra Gardens between AX Palazzo Capua and AX The Palace.

Together with the cosy ‘al fresco’ terrace environment and Italian courtyard setting, A Tavola introduces true tastes of the Italian and Mediterranean cuisine always using fresh and authentic ingredients. Curious about typical Italian homemade desserts or haven’t tried Italian culinary symbols like arancini yet? You know where to find us! Come by, all throughout the summer season, and you will discover where the obsession for Italian food comes from.

A Tavola is accessible through the hotel lobby of AX The Palace, so for your convenience, parking is included.

A Tavola Pizza e Pasta Menu

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Opening Hours

Tuesday – Saturday from 19.00hrs to 22.00hrs (Summer season)

AX The Victoria Hotel - A Tavola