Raising funds for AX Foundation through Football

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Goal! It’s Football Time with AX Hotels!


It was football time for the staff of AX Hotels as they recently played their annual football tournament at the Attard outdoor football ground. Undoubtedly this was another good occasion for the staff to socialize out of the work environment and improve team companionship. AX group Chairman, Angelo Xuereb kicked off the tournament himself as nine teams took part in this year’s tournament which was well attended by other staff members and relatives, with staff from all AX Hotels and every department participating.


The goal of this tournament was to raise funds for AX Foundation, an autonomous body supported by AX Holdings that was established to operate as a non-profit organisation in the voluntary sector. AX The Victoria Hotel team won this year’s edition as they defeated the competition of AX The Palace in the decisive match. Garett Magri, captain of the winning team, said “Winning the tournament wasn’t important as much as coming together to raise funds for AX Foundation and contributing to the alleviation of poverty and social, mental and physical hardship.”