Teambuilding Day for the management staff of AX Hotels

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A Great Day For All!


The Directors at AX Hotels are keen believers that any business company is nothing without its staff, and the relationship between them is the glue that holds everything. In order to support the workforce and improve on all areas, the management staff of all AX Hotels (AX The Palace, AX The Victoria Hotel, AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest and AX Sunny Coast Resort & Spa) participated in a teambuilding day event which was full of activities at the privately owned garden of Family Xuereb in Mtarfa.


The staff members were divided into different teams, took part in ice breaking games, brainstorming sessions for marketing campaigns as well as a cooking competition. Ms Romina Pace, HR Manager said that these types of activities are vital to create a solid and successful culture of teamwork as they help to establish trust among team members. Ms Helen Borg, Assistant HR Manager described this event as an effective way to lessen stress at work, improve attitude and get one’s group to learn how to work together towards team goals.