Maltese & Gozitan Islands Night

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Malta & Gozo Islands Night (every Friday from 18:30hrs onwards)


Come to the Copperfield’s Restaurant every Friday and let us introduce you to the real authentic cuisine of the Maltese archipelago. Taste Maltese and Gozitan delicacies on this special night and start your weekend in style.


Browse through our menu and book a table for a special Friday evening!

Menu for the Malta & Gozo Islands Night


Cold Counter

A selection of Maltese antipasti including Maltese ftira bread with tomato paste, onions, capers and tuna, broad bean dip, marinated sun-dried tomatoes with black pepper and olive oil, Maltese traditional pickled onions, stuffed olives, salted capers, marinated Maltese sausages and much more complimented with sauces, dressings, herbed oils and vinegars


Soup and Pasta

Thick pasta and bean soup

Baked macaroni in pastry case


Vegetarian Dish

Deep fried cottage cheese ravioli


From the Hot Counter

Grilled swordfish with green peppers, olives lemon segments

Maltese traditional beef olives with pea and tomato sauce

Local fried Maltese rabbit with garlic and white wine

Tomatoes and onions with scrambled eggs

Fried marrows with a touch of vinegar

Baked Maltese style potatoes with fennel seeds and onions


Cheese Board

Gozo white, peppered and fresh cheeses with galletti



A selection of Maltese desserts including bread pudding, date pie, sponge cake and ricotta mix, Maltese trifle, apple pie, honey rings, Maltese delight and fruit salad


Adult: €24.95 per person
Children (5-12 years): €10.50 per child
Including 1/2 bottle of wine & 1/2 bottle of water


Complimentary Parking, Subject to Availability.
Valid until June 2020.