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AX The Victoria Where Business Travel Reigns

Where Business Travel Reigns

You’ll find four-star properties all around Malta’s stylish iGaming capital Sliema. If, however, you’re looking for an authentic upper-notch hotel with an established business travel edge, AX The Victoria is your standout choice.

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The History of St. Valentine’s Day

February 14th is a renowned date all over the world. It’s the day for flowers, candy, gifts and love to be shared between loved ones, near or far. It all started with St. Valentine. But where did this tradition come from? Who was this saint that we call St. Valentine?

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Summer Holiday

Travel Essentials for your Summer Holiday

Summer holidays are the best kind of holidays. Kids are done with school and it’s about time that you took a little time off work to enjoy, relax and spend time with family and friends. What better way to do this than by visiting Malta and staying at AX The Victoria Hotel?

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Bahar Ic-Caghaq Coast

The Top Beaches on the Island

Malta is your ideal destination in summer. The weather is 99% of the time in a picturesque state, the people are always friendly (probably due to the good weather!) and there are plenty of Malta beaches to go to all over the island.

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