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AX The Victoria Hotel - Pasta Night

Penny Black Bar: Sliema’s Finest

Stepping into the cosy atmosphere of Penny Black Bar in Sliema, you’ll be greeted by a welcoming smile from one of your servers at the bar. The friendly staff love to chat with their guests and regulars, making everyone feel at home inside the bar. The décor is traditional, and so is the service. You’ll...

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AX The Victoria Hotel - German and Bavarian Night

German and Bavarian Night in Sliema

Rich, doughy and filling are just a few words to describe the traditional cuisine hailing from Germany and Bavaria, in particular. As part of our weekly themed nights, guests can enjoy a German and Bavarian Themed Buffet here at Copperfield’s Restaurant. So now you don’t have to travel all the way to Germany for great...

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AX The Victoria Hotel - French and Spanish Night

Mondays at Copperfield’s Restaurant

Every Monday evening at Copperfield’s Restaurant, two key players in Mediterranean cuisine come together, much to the diners’ delight. A French and Spanish themed night merges the traditional delicacies of these two nations, both famed for their culinary craft, and brings the flavours of two countries to your plate.

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AX The Victoria Hotel - Penny Black Bar

Visit the Best Bars in Sliema

Whether you fancy a relaxing night out, or are just looking for the right place to begin the evening, we’re here to make your bar-hunt easier. These are the best bars in Sliema. We hope you enjoy your visit!

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AX The Victoria Hotel - Copperfields

A Breakfast Fit for Royalty at Copperfield’s Restaurant

Copperfield’s Restaurant in Sliema, comes to you as a breath of fresh air. Ornately designed with floral motifs, turquoise walls and a soft touch – the interiors are an ode to the Victorian era, after which this 4-star hotel – with 5-star service – is named. An appreciation of timeless classic designs is met with...

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AX The Victoria Hotel - Copperfields Restaurant

5 Sliema Restaurants to Try

Finding the perfect place to dine can be difficult, especially when there are so many options to choose from. When deciding what restaurant you want to try out, a number of questions may crop up during the process. Here are our top five restaurants that you need to try out while in Sliema.

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