Mondays at Copperfield’s Restaurant

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A French and Spanish themed night


Every Monday evening at Copperfield’s Restaurant, two key players in Mediterranean cuisine come together, much to the diners’ delight. A French and Spanish themed night merges the traditional delicacies of these two nations, both famed for their culinary craft, and brings the flavours of two countries to your plate.


As you step into the Copperfield’s Restaurant, you’re greeted by a friendly server who will guide you to one of the free tables to take a seat on the soft armchairs. Being the signature restaurant of AX The Victoria Hotel, the décor lives up to its name as the room is embellished with a gilded mirror, a carved mahogany buffet counter and florals motifs that lend a sense of timelessness to the restaurant.


With the fresh aromas of French and Spanish flavours filling the restaurant, it won’t be long before your taste buds start tingling. All you need to do is make your way towards the buffet counters, and take your pick from the wide array of choices available. On this particular Monday evening, the first counter consisted of antipasti from the Mediterranean coast, including fresh mussels and fish terrines, Chorizo and cold cut platters, fresh salads of chickpea, tomato, olive, almonds and orange, crab croquettes and much more, together with herbs and dressings typical of the cuisine.


The warm counter was also abundant; with a mouth-watering pea soup, Spanish paella and vegetarian quiche, as well as a choice of fish, beef and pork dishes to savour. As you would expect from a restaurant of such high standard, the dishes were prepared to perfection, and complemented with side dishes and garnishes of only the finest ingredients coming from France and Spain.


Finally, finish off your evening with a dessert from the great selection on the buffet table; from Charlotte Royale to Crema Catalana – the homemade cakes are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!


Join us for our French and Spanish themed night at AX The Victoria Hotel, every Monday from 18:30 hrs onwards!


Please note that themed nights are not available throughout the month of December. Themed nights will re-start as from Janaury 2020.